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Birthdate:  04/23/1983

City:  Petersburg, VA

Hometown:  Bronx, New York

High School or University:  

My Genres:  

Music Experience:  4 years

Description: Mila Franc is a breath of fresh air to the indie music world, known as a music artist/songwriter and composer, who’s inspired many in such a short time span! “Life’s past experiences have made me better, not bitter. And I’ve chosen to express this drive through music”.

Details:  Brought up in Bronx, New York, Born April 25, 1983 -

Sang and performed as recording artist ‘SplashD', who was briefly signed. For business purposes, her name was later changed to Mila Franc, along with adding the titles of ASCAP songwriter/composer, “Mila Franc expresses who she really is, simple, loving and strong-minded. These characteristics are conveyed through her music”, PDS Entertainment LLC.

Was given a notepad by a member of her family who encouraged her to write and compose songs.

At age 16, Mila Franc was recruited by a Modeling Agent to do print modeling and beauty pageants. She later scored an audition with Miss Teen New York USA. They were awed by her precocious smile, outstanding personality, phenomenal talents, and her dedication to community service projects. Mila won 1st place for the talent competition, and has performed in several beauty pageants, talent showcases, appeared in several fashion shows and websites; including Her exposure has led her to meet Talk Show Personality Wendy Williams and NBA New York Knicks basketball player John Starks. Additionally, Mila has had the pleasure of meeting Music Producer Russell Simmons, Run DMC, and Fashion Icon Kimora Lee, who all complimented her talent performances.

Her father is of Irish and African American descent and her mother is of African American descent. Both are deceased as of year 2011.

Previous performances we’re accompanied by virtuoso Nikkon Valentino on piano. As a cover the brother and sister performed Adele's ballad "Someone Like You" at the "Fort Lee Youth Center" on an Army Base in Prince George, Virginia. In addition to a “Walk Against Drugs” event held in Virginia. [April 28, 2012]. Later this year, Mila Franc will appear on New York’s WRCN - 103.9 FM’s early morning show to discuss and perform her new single live [October 2, 2012].

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