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Big AL

Birthdate:  01/19/1991

City:  Bethlehem, PA

Hometown:  Newark NJ

High School or University:  Saucon Valley

My Genres:  rap, hip hop, pop, rock, trap,

Music Experience:  about a day

Description:  Play A Big AL track and see what im about...

Details:  Hailing from Newark, NJ, USA, AL-Terrick Cromwell aka Big AL is a charismatic, spontaneous and direct hip-hop artist who set out to create music with an honest and eclectic approach. Once he made up his mind about pursuing his music career, Big Al never looked back. Instead, he strives to keep moving forward, developing a unique sound that falls somewhere in between the depth and warmth of old school hip-hop, and the sharp focus and balance of the best modern productions.His debut mixtape reflects his attitude: "2014: This Is My Year" is bold and uncompromising, just like this young rapper.
Find out more and let the songs tell you the rest of the story, because they truly speak for themselves:

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